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Photo of Jeda Pearl, who is a Scottish-Jamaican woman with light-brown skin. She has dark brown, long curly hair and dark brown eyes and is smiling. She stands in front of a dark green wall and is wearing a patterned dress with toucans and tropical leaves on it.

Hi, I’m Jeda

I’m a Scottish-Jamaican writer and poet based in Scotland

My work often traverses/reflects the ‘in between’ and explores the intersections of belonging, disability, secrecy and survival. 

I mostly write poetry, fiction and occasionally create multidisciplinary work.

I also love arts programming, collaborative projects and helping develop community platforms.

Inspiration for my work comes from many places…

  • The musicality of my family’s shared languages, Scots, Geordie, Jamaican Patios
  • Science fiction, the fantastical, surreal, eccentric, weird and unexpected
  • Superstitions, folklore and unsettling, twisted fairytales
  • Untold and hidden histories
  • Highlighting people and stories from underrepresented communities
  • Life in all its rough and tough edges, incredible beauty and everything in between
  • The wilds of parenthood
  • Creativity in all its forms and so many amazing writers and artists…

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Jeda Pearl is a Scottish-Jamaican writer and poet and Co-Director of the Scottish BPOC Writers Network. She has performed at StAnza, Push the Boat Out, Inky Fingers, Hidden Door, and commissions include the British Council’s Momentum program and galleries Rhubaba and Collective. In 2019, she was awarded Cove Park’s Scottish Emerging Writer Residency and shortlisted for the Moniack Mhor Bridge Awards. Her poems and short stories are published by Open Book, Black Lives Matter Mural Trail, New Writing Scotland, Not Going Back to Normal – a Disabled Artists Manifesto, TSS Publishing, Tapsalteerie, Shoreline of Infinity and Peepal Tree Press. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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