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Facilitator, event chair, panellist, reader

If you’re looking for a poet or writer to share their work at your virtual or in-person event, and one or more of the themes below feel like a good fit, sound me out! If I’m unavailable I may be able to suggest another writer.

I have some experience as a creative writing workshop facilitator, event chair and panellist, and have provided consultations on some of the topics below. I’ve also had the immense privilege of sitting on selection panels for Cove Park, Collective and the Scottish International Storytelling Festival.

Collaborative artist, arts programmer

I love collaborating with writers, artists and creatives on projects large and small. If you’re interested in working together, get in touch!

Themes, topics and activities I’m interested in…

I’m often drawn to projects that:

  • Facilitate community
  • Develop artistic practice
  • Foster professional development
  • Improve representation of/for BIPOC and disabled writers and artists

My artistic practice draws on:

  • The ‘in between’ and liminal spaces
  • Intergenerational memory
  • Science and science fiction
  • Magical realism and realist fantasies
  • Folklore, especially Scottish and Caribbean
  • Histories tucked away or just keeking out
  • Intersections of belonging, disability, secrecy and survival

Recent collaborative and group projects I’ve worked on include:

Scottish BPOC Writers Network (ongoing)

Scottish BPOC Writers Network is an advocacy and professional development organisation for Black and POC writers in Scotland. It was co-founded in 2018 by poets Alycia Pirmohamed and Jay G Ying. Initially a collective of artists, I got involved in the summer of 2019. My role as co-director since January 2021 primarily involves working across access, partnerships, fundraising and writer development.

An Ocean of Patience, Momentum 2021

The first in a series of international cross-artform duets involving a creative response to the provocation “How can organisations and institutions integrate more inclusive practices to benefit communities through platforming disabled artists?” This was funded by a Momentum micro-grant (British Council and Festivals Edinburgh).

I hope to develop this project further to facilitate more duets across borders, oceans and continents. If you’re an artist who identifies as disabled, D/deaf, blind, neurodiverse and/or chronically ill, or represent an interested arts organisation, please register your interest here (opens in new tab)

Want to talk about your project?

I’m typically not available for last-minute work (less than two weeks’ notice) but I’m happy to talk about projects that are in a couple of months’ time, some months away, or in the early stages.

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